The Crooked Kind 407

Crooked Kind

The Crooked Kind 407, by Radical Face from the album The Family Tree: The Branches

But I smell their blood
My fingers trace their faces in the wood
I hear their voices somewhere in my bones
I feel them sing along when I’m alone
When I’m not too frightened that is when I know

For source credits and background info on The Crooked Kind, see my deviant Art page here. My latest art project EntertainMe, where I create another year’s worth of digital collages, based on indie rock and visual media.

For The Crooked Kind, this is one of my most recent, and I am quite happy with the results. Might as well get this blog up to date, eh? Radical face (Ben Cooper) always created the most beautiful melodies, with the most cryptic and darkest words. But this imagery (which came first, it was the egg), fit so nicely with his family tree recordings.

Thus, here is an excerpt on the main character, in the song: Narrated by Frederick, the son of Virgil from “Kin.” Like his father and little brother, he regularly hears his dead relatives. He is embarrassed by his family and their strangeness. He struggles to appear normal and hides his relation to them. But as he grows and sees how much better his little brother handles the same problems, he comes to terms with it.
– Flammablepie

To view more, or god forbid, purchase any of my collages, you can contact me here with a note or through email. To buy my art in a variety of prints, go to the site Curioos. If you would rather have my collages splashed onto your phone or ipad cases, tshirts, mugs or clocks (yes, clocks), view Redbubble or deviant Art [dA]

Below is the original, copyright free, photo I worked off. I wanted a more illustrative, abstract, twisted result, playing with a few fun Photoshop filters (Cutout & Twirl) to get it!

Original tree image from Internet Archive Book Images

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