365 Collages, Extended Mix

I created this video, 365 Collages, with the YouTube Video Editor. Music by The License Lab-UNDERscore. Choice cuts from my 365 art projects.

So I have made short, collage slideshows before, using the Video Editor in YouTube. But I sort of forgot about it until now. I wanted to make a lo-fi, vintage, collage vid with those film scratches, exposure spots and light leaks, like the crappy, homemede videos of our past. I thought I could whip it out in After Effects (Photoshop in motion, right?), without really knowing After Effects (entertaining, informative tute here). Big mistake. So I am tabling After Effects, for now, and giving up on scratches, spot & leaks for now. But this extended mix, 365 Collages, is my longest, most current, and I am liking it, for now.

See my samples and song info at: http://dekdav.deviantart.com/gallery. Email me at: derekdavalos@comcast.net. I offer freelance graphic and art services, and can create a cool, personalized slideshow video, just for you,  just like this. Or a stunning, custom, collage piece. So contact me.

365 Collages

365 Collages

Her Space Holiday 375

Her Space Holiday 375, Inspired by the indie electronica band Her Space Holiday. 

i think it’s unfair
 the only time i go away
 is the only time you care

you don’t see the point
 preparing for the end
 you’ve made all these plans
 you put all your friends
 in silent films

Her Space Holiday is a part of my latest art project EntertainMe, where I create another year’s worth of digital collages, based on indie rock and visual media. See my deviant Art page for background info and stock credits.

For Her Space Holiday, I went with paper stock backgrounds, and played with these pink, pastel hues. It took on this classical, vintage feel which felt warm and inviting to me (click here for another vintage paper sample). I wanted to contrast the pink florals with something modern and fresh. The green and black dots seemed to do the trick.

In addition, I loved these older ads that were on Flickr. These women wearing hats seem to mesh well with the background patterns and colors. And mesh I did.

I started with the original images, vintage paper patters and a black and white, vintage photo. From there it was pretty much splashing around in the versatile, endless, colorful Photoshop Pool. Playing with blends and filters and layers while listening to the selected song on my headphones, on constant repeat seems to work well for me (it would drive my family bonkers if I didn’t use the headphones). Again, below are the original images I started with.