Mother Nature’s Son 419

Mother Nature’s Son 419, by The Beatles (Paul McCartney) from The White Album

Born a poor young country boy
Mother Nature’s son
All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.

Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.

Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.

My latest art project EntertainMe, where I create another year’s worth of digital collages, based on indie rock and visual media. To see this collage, source credits and my whole gallery, go here.

I have been researching the great collection of copyright-free imagery on Flickr. A sculpture of this boy seemed so iconic and larger-than-life-itself. Combining the classical past with some modern photoshopped filters, distortions, blips, bleeps and strong saturation seemed to work well.

Then finding a suitable tune, McCartney’s folky, homespun song fell on my lap, instantly. I think it was on my Spotify playlist spinning in the background. I wasn’t even looking for it. So here the chicken came before the egg, or the artwork predated the song’s lyrics.

Uncertain Times no.312

Uncertain Times no.312, by The Raveonettes from the album Pretty In Black

I wanna ride with her
In uncertain times
I wanna go where my thoughts
Can take a nap
And if the atom bomb should end us both
I’ll be happy to go to the stars with you

My 365 art project, where I create a year’s worth [yep, 365] of digital collages, with indie songs as my subject. See my deviant Art page for background info and stock credits.

For Uncertain Times, this one was the start of myself using my own iPhone photos from pix around my hilly hood. Trying to be more original, though I always tried to be sure to use share-alike images in my collages. And I just like using other’s more professional images, than my own!

Most of all, this piece was more conceptual and skeptical for me, getting at the anxiety and uncertainty of our modern, tech-ridden society. But communicating it in a playful, busy & colorful manner. Below are source and original images, type and patterns I used. Sometimes the pieces come together nicely.

The Raveonettes, a blissed out, rocking Denmark band that is infectious and addictive with repeated listens. Raveonettes-like bands: The Jesus & Mary Chain; The Brian Jonestown Massacre; Black Motorcycle Rebel Club; Ride; Lush; MBV; and on and on. Hence, for more bands I truly like right here & now, click on the link if you dare.

To view more, or god forbid, purchase any of my collages, you can contact me here with a note or through email. To buy my art in a variety of prints, go to the site Curioos. If you would rather have my collages splashed onto your phone or ipad cases, tshirts, mugs or clocks (yes, clocks), view Redbubble or deviant Art [dA]

Right Here Right Now

The Year of 2017-My Favorite Indie Bands, Right Here Right NOW!

Right Here Right NOW: The Raveonettes; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC); Brian Jonestown Massacre; The Dandy Warhols; Fuzz; Bright Eyes; Kurt Vile; Happyness; TV on the Radio; Band of Horses; Grandaddy; The National; Slowdive; Monster Movie; Wild Nothing; Dntel; Mogwai; Trent Reznor; Wye Oak; Galaxie 500

And Bands that blast from the past: Grandaddy (again); Dntel (again); The Postal Service, Pixies; Black Francis (aka Frank Black), ELO; Pink Floyd

Some classic songs on YouTube from some grand bands listed about:
The Postal ServiceGive Up album
Grandaddy He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot
Dntel Ft. Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) – Breakfast In Bed
Frank Black – I Heard Ramona Sing
The Raveonettes – I Wanna Be Adored
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Vad Hände Med Dem ?
Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols full documentary – DIG!
A fun, little preview of DIG!, for those commitment phobes – WATCH!



Mogwai live in London
Grandaddy [Jason Lytle] live
Grandabbey Road