Just Like Honey 383

Just Like Honey 383, based on the tune Just Like Honey by The Jesus & Mary Chain, from the album Psychocandy

Listen to the girl
As she takes on half the world
Moving up and so alive
In her honey dripping beehive
It’s good, so good, it’s so good
So good

Female model by liam-stock
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My latest art project EntertainMe, where I create another year’s worth of digital collages, based on indie rock and visual media. Click here to see on deviant Art.

I wanted to do something a bit naughty and sexy, after so many surreal sci-fi and fantasy concepts, how many of those can you do and see all over cyberspace? I truly admire fleetofgypsies on deviant Art. His creative yet erotic, grungy and irreverent pieces always jump start and inspire me.