Mother Nature’s Son 419

Mother Nature’s Son 419, by The Beatles (Paul McCartney) from The White Album

Born a poor young country boy
Mother Nature’s son
All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.

Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.

Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.

My latest art project EntertainMe, where I create another year’s worth of digital collages, based on indie rock and visual media. To see this collage, source credits and my whole gallery, go here.

I have been researching the great collection of copyright-free imagery on Flickr. A sculpture of this boy seemed so iconic and larger-than-life-itself. Combining the classical past with some modern photoshopped filters, distortions, blips, bleeps and strong saturation seemed to work well.

Then finding a suitable tune, McCartney’s folky, homespun song fell on my lap, instantly. I think it was on my Spotify playlist spinning in the background. I wasn’t even looking for it. So here the chicken came before the egg, or the artwork predated the song’s lyrics.