About Me

Hello Webworld. This is my new webblog, and I hope you like, or at least take some nugget of creativity or new perspective home with you.

An Indie loving yet accessible; skeptical but wide-eyed; sarcastic and bittersweet oldish man, I have one understanding wife, two teen boys and a spoiled, lovable dog. I like my collage art with my blistering hot indie pop and cold craft beer, and all things arty, twisted and fun. You too can view and chew on or even buy my conceptual, surreal, digital collage art at: www.dekdav.com or dekdav.deviantart.com/.

So here is my first personal webblog… yikes! I know I can edit each and every post down the road, so that is comforting. I have been creating collages for about 4 years now. And I have created and posted about 400 pieces, and posted more than half on both dA and Flickr.

It started as a personal dare, a creative challenge, based on the original 365 project. You create something, anything, for every day of an entire year, no matter how busy or distracted you were. But I soon realized that creating complex, digital collages based on indie rock tunes, and at my snails pace, would not be a daily occurance. But I gave it a try, and I finally finished 365 pieces… in about 3.5 years.

And so here I am, starting on my second 365 pieces series, and it still is as exciting, creative and challenging to me, as the day I started. I have been and am on many social websites. But I keep hearing you need to make your own web blog, something that you can call your own, in cyberspace at least. A few books by Austin Kleon really kicked my butt into gear.

So if you land on here by accident or purposefully, I thank you and hope you enjoy this visual trip. Cheers, Derek D (aka dek dav)